Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy 13th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Benjamin!
Yesterday it was Benjamin's 13th Birthday!
I can't believe he is 13 already! Benjamin was 9 lbs, 1 oz, when he was born!
He was bruised so badly, when he enter the world! He was(is) such a blessing! I remember
my Grandma was so relieved to have a good Bible name.
After school Grandpa & Grandma came over! Benjamin was thrilled to get something
of Grandpa's Yankees collection! My Dad, is an avid Yankees fan, and our boys are
following in Grandpa's footsteps. The boys watch ESPN or the Yankees' and they usually end up calling my Dad.
Last night, we went to the Pizza Ranch with the other Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and cousins. Mark had to leave early for Consistory Meeting. We managed to get it all in before Dad left, that way we could clean up and get home to watch The Bacholer!

Despite no news on Marcus, we have been keeping busy with Beau's Show Choir last week! They received first place, in a competition! It is so fun to watch them sing, and dance! What a blessing to have such a great Choir Teacher!
Saturday Brynn and I went along with my sister and her daughter to Sioux Falls. Brynn is in awe of Kira. Kira is the coolest girl in the world. It wasn't quiet in the car with Brynn jabbering to poor Kira. Brynn and Kira had fun in Aunt Julie's salon.
While we were gone, Mark decided it was time to take down the last building on the acreage. We know there are creatures living under neath the foundation.
Our Family would like to thank everyone who has/are praying for us. We know this process is all in God's hands and Marcus will come home when it is the right time. In the beginning of this process, Mark and I kept saying we do not want to be in a situation that is long and drawn out. Oops, I guess God had other plans. We have been talking to the boys about how they are feeling about this, if it is worrying them, any concerns. Benjamin told Mark, he doesn't care how long it takes, he wants his brother to come home! God is hearing our prayers!
Thanks again for checking in on us! We pray God's Blessing's on You All!

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