Monday, January 19, 2009

The Wait is On!

This week we will see what comes our way!

We did find out Marcus is doing well, and a great appetite! Waiting for some recent pictures! Oooh, I can't wait to see him!

Mark had a blast snowmobiling. He made it home yesterday! Friday night I took Brynn to Hotel for Dogs, we ended up leaving early. :) I needed to pick up some pictures at wal mart! Needless to say, we made a dash for the restroom, and didn't make it! Thank the Lord, some friends from Hull came to our rescue! Thanks T and Lindsey! Brynn heaved all night, every 1/2 hour! Around 5:30 am it started the other direction. Poor kid!

I thought (maybe praying too) a couple weeks ago I would be in sitting in Liberia this week. We have our church Soup Supper Wednesday night and the Music Booster Soup Supper at our High School Friday night! This week, I will be making pies and packing, just in case we get a phone call!
Please pray for adoptive parents who are waiting!

Pray for children who are waiting also, so many who need a warm home with parents who love them! Pray for Marcus and Mother Wleh' orphanage, this will be their 1st child adopted!

Thank you to those who donated items/cash for the orphanage! Our bags are getting full! My lesson in Sunday School was Jesus sitting at the temple as people passed by and gave money. This lady came and gave what she could. I can just see Jesus sitting by the gate of the orphanage, any place where children/families need help! We are going to see so much when we go! God is surely working in all our hearts! Thanks Again! God Bless You All!

Thanks for checking up on us!

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Carey said...

Praying with you!

The visual of Jesus sitting on the orphanage steps...made my heart skip a beat...