Thursday, January 22, 2009

9 months Pregnant!

Brynn has been enjoying the nice weather!

Sliding down the mound of snow!

Lately I am reminded how I felt being 9 months pregnant. Although I can sleep all night, still receive the kicking from some little girl who sneaks into bed with us. "I can't figure out how the angels carry me downstairs?" I hear, "Your still here?" "When are you going?"! Yep, 9 months pregnant. I don't think I am as crabby, it could be coming!
We are still waiting for the picture Trokon had taken a week ago! We received a bit of information the other day, but it really does not make too much sense!
I might take some advice from another adoptive mom who is waiting for a court date and has starting making brownies, often!
Tonight we took the snowmobiles to Sioux Center to McDonald's! What fun! I had Brynn with me, it was a nice ride! The groomer had just made a nice path for us! Perfect weather also! :)
Tomorrow night we have our Music Booster soup supper! I will be so happy when I can put all that paper work away!
Have a terrific weekend!
God Bless You All!


Heather said...

Kristi, I have been checking your blog every day. (Yes, that's a little embarrassing to admit, but it's true.) I am excitedly waiting to hear good news for your family, and I can say that I ca totally relate to that "overdue" feeling. :) To help pass the time, make some freezer meals. Purchase & wrap small daily gifts/notes for your kids staying at home. Search for some Liberian recipes and track down the ingredients so you can prepare some items that taste familiar to M when you get home. When you make your packing lists, don't forget to throw in a good attachment-related book. Hopefully your "labor" will be "induced" soon!!! :)

Anonymous said...

The brownie comment was funny - don't know who that could be. Our court date got moved to the 29th, so I'll probably make anouther pan of brownies this week. Good news, I've only ate one brownie out of each of the 2 pans I made the past two weeks. :) Watching for good news and saying a few prayers for you and your family. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

You give me inspiration to keep going. I was just complaining to Marsha tonight how uncomfortable I am getting and then I read your blog. I hope we both have beautiful babies soon.