Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pictures from Liberia

Good Morning!
I can not believe it is December 11 already! It is cold and breezy today. Our family vacation is sounding better every day! The kids are counting down the days till we fly out to the sunny beach in Florida! We are so spoiled!

Our family was praying and hoping Marcus would be home to take in the wonderful Florida vacation with all Mark's family. It would be too much for him now, if we get him home before Christmas. There are 31 Family members to get use too, it is overwhelming for anyone who sees us all running in the airport, but for a little guy home from Liberia, seeing all of us together, yikes!

Marcus is going to have such a new life here, toilets, running water, doors, windows, sinks, refridgerator, medical care and most of all food.

When we get a travel date, we are planning on asking for donations for the Orphanage. The need is so great for medical supplies and money for food. Here are a few pictures.

Picture of the children at school in Liberia. We think the children

without uniforms are children who live in the orphanage.

We have our idea of sometime in January to travel. I can not imagine coming from 80* weather, humid to Iowa that has snow, wind and gusts that takes your breath away. Poor little guy.

We are so close, I am starting to think this just might happen!

The outside of the Orphanage!

The entrance of the Orphanage!

We Praise God for the safety of Pastor Aaron, Nick and Troy as they made it home from Monrovia! Pastor Aaron and Nick got to spend some time at the orphanage and time with our little Marcus.

We have not had a chance to sit and talk with them and see video taken yet. Yesterday we received the disk with pictures on it! I would love to show you pictures, I am waiting until Marcus is paper ready ours!

Saturday night we ate at Tophers and bumped into Pastor Aaron and his Family. Brynn of course said "did you see my little brother?" Pastor Aaron was proud to "yes and do you know what his favorite food is?" I was a bit worried, it is eggs! Sounds like Marcus and his sister will get along just fine!

I don't know who is more excited to talk with them, Mark, the boys or myself!!

We have been keeping busy here. I am trying to get the Soup Supper printed out, our printed is on the blink.

Sent out Christmas cards for all the College students in our church. I would love to send our cards but I am waiting for Marcus to be home to send them out! Getting Christmas decorations out, trying and praying to get the laundry room caught up for a day! Ugh!'

Brynn had dance and ice skating lessons last night. The oldest boys went to the basketball game. When it is this cold outside it is such a treat to stay home.

Today I am going to make a meal for my cousin who lost his son in a car accident. My heart breaks for him and his family. Jon was such a spirited young man, who always had a huge smile and a hello where ever he was. Jon was always a giver, and he was an organ donor. His heart is still pumping somewhere and we pray for the family who received his heart, kidney, pancreas and other organs.

During this time of the year, you always think about those who are less fortunate than us. I see these pictures of the children in Liberia, couples who lost their children in accidents, those facing cancer, those who lost jobs, those waiting to bring their son or daughter home, the Service Men and Women who are in the Military, families who can not be together for the Holiday's or who do not have families. I encourage you all to pray for them. Maybe a card or a phone call can make their day a bit brighter!

I better get back to getting the soup supper list done, and the laundry!

God Bless You All!


Brenda in Alaska said...

So excited for your family!

Mom2Bs said...

hi Brenda, I noticed you emailed me and it went to the junk folder.
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Sorry about this and thanks for your excitment!
We are so Blessed!