Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pumpkin Land

Last week Friday we had no school so I took the youngest 2, to Pumpkin Land!


When I got home, I decided, it was time to give this girl a much needed haircut. I have trimmed it, the last few times, but this time I took about 5-6 inches off. (with Dad's permission!)

We were in need of a new chair, I know DH and I will enjoy the lazy boy, but B2 had more fun with the box! We also bought a new bed for B3 and B2 wanted a fun futon.
Now we are thinking we could use the extra bed, praying that will happen sometime soon!

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What a bunch of goofy kids!

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Carey said...

Pumpkinland is such a fun place! Glad things are going well in Liberia and praying for health at home!