Thursday, October 2, 2008

Football & Volleyball

It is so much fun to go watch B2 play football and do well! It is more fun when you win! :) B2 is not the tallest boy in his 7th Grade class, but he can keep up with the biggest boys! He is #32!

He is playing some where in the line! I want to get some colorful socks, or a nice flower sticking out of his helmet would be so helpful!

After B2's game, we headed to NWC to watch Roo play some volleyball! We got there late, but it was so much fun watching B4 and her cousin's cheer for Roo!


Roo managed to get in for the varsity, one play while we were there!! Look how cute she looks! It is so much fun having the chance to go and encourage all the nieces and nephews!

I talked to our SW awhile ago, she said all is going well over in Liberia! :) And that in time Marcus will come home! I guess he got his package, I would of loved to hear what his facial expressions where when he saw the photo album. What his "family" at the orphanage thought?

Yesterday was a great day for B1, not only sleeping in a bit, he had his appointment in SFalls, and no more crutches! He had a time walking again! He had physical therapy for an hour and now he is a bit sore! No running, swimming or twisting his leg for 6 more weeks! Praise the Lord for healing! :)

Thanks for checking in, the family went to Kade's 12th Birthday Party, B4 is sick, she has a bit of pneumonia!

May God Bless you all! Thanks for checking in!

I am reading Sunset by Karen Kingsbury, on the 9th Chapter! Oooh it is so good!
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