Monday, October 6, 2008

Finger Printed!!

Another check off in our adoption process! Yipee!!

DH and I headed off to SFalls and found the USCIS office in plenty of time! Lucky for us, Auntie Julie came and watched B4 for us while we got our fingers digitally printed! Amazing how that all works. The ladies that work there were so nice and kind! After words we headed to Perkin's for some breakfast!!

Now we just wait and pray to see what happens!

This afternoon I email our SW, some questions for the Man (Trokon) working on our case in Liberia. Tons of ?'s flood our minds. What Marcus's schedule is like?, what is his personality?, does he sleep in a crib, mat or a bed?, what are his likes and dislikes? When you have a baby, you learn a lot gradually, and now when we do go, it will happen just like that. I feel so bad for him, to think we are taking him to a foreign place, with all new things.

We are also hoping to take items to Liberia for the orphanage when we go. I picked up some soccer balls on the clearance rack at wal-mart. I read how an orphanage can go through 1 a week, wear it out completely! So we will deflate them and take a pumper along.

Thanks for checking in!

Blessing's to You All!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! And breakfast at Perkins:) Hope more good news is coming soon.