Friday, September 19, 2008

Waiting is so Hard to do!

God has a reason for all things, and I know that in my heart and soul. :)

This week I contacted the Senator's in Iowa to find out how the homeland security office could loose our pressed original Birth Certificates and Marriage Licence? I have since than got new ones and photo copied those and resent the copied ones. The Agency had to resend our Home Study also, so where are the first round of paper work? I also talked to the Harkin's and Grassley's office about trying to find out what or where we are at as we wait to get approval to get finger printed for our I171's? As I understand it they Homeland Security office sends paper work down to Monrovia, to start Marcus' paper work to come to the United States! But I could be way off. I was told I should receive a phone call back from both offices today (Friday), but I know how this all could possibly be next week! I re-emailed the office in Des Moines again for the 3rd time within a week also.

Our family just is getting used to "just wait and see". It is starting to get harder on DH and myself, but I think how hard it has to be on a 5, 10, 12 and even the 15 year old to understand all this.

On a brighter note, our Agency sent Marcus' photo book, book about blankies, and a blankie! I am so thankful and pray that it arrives there! I also pray that this gives comfort to the "family" at the orphanage to know where he will someday come home too! We took pictures of the outside of the house, all the kids separately, they're likes, and some of the yard! I can't imagine what a culture shock this little guy will have!

This week has been homecoming at school. Tonight is the game, and a tailgate BBQ! A bit windy, but the temps are in the 80's!

Tomorrow I am going to a hair show in Omaha with some friends. It will be so nice to get out with a over due trip with a friend! :)

Have a terrific weekend!

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