Monday, September 22, 2008

So Long Yankee Stadium

Most of you all know how much Our Family are Yankee Fans.
Last night it was the final baseball game at Yankee Stadium!
I was so fortunate to go in 2006 and 2007!
In 2006 my Dear Dad turned 60, so us girls planned a vacation with my parents!
On Dad's 60th Birthday we sat behind home plate and watch the Yankees! What a blast!
Since we all were little, church, family, Yankees and The Bears were part of our lives. Now us girls carry on the tradition! All though my brother in law, Chad, is trying to brain wash his boys into being Boston Red Sox fans! :(
Last night that was part of the special before the game. was so fun seeing the players we all grew up watching, taking the field, Reggie Jackson, Ron Guidry (?), Yogi Berra was so cute, The Goose Gossage and so many more!Here is a picture from 2006

Last year DH and I took the boys to New York for 3 games! So I thought it is only fitting to "show" off some pictures! Next time we go we will take B4 and Marcus!

In the Dug Out!!!

Right Field, by the Bleacher Creatures!

Derek Jeter!
We are so glad we took the time to go! Over the years we have watched games in Kansas City, Minnesota and now New York! Mariano Riveria and Andy Petite are the nicest guy's ever, not to mention a strong Christians. The boys have gotten their autographs along with Johnny Damon and Joe Torre. What a lot of great memories!

I did get an email Friday, regarding our I600A's from our state office, saying they are now in the mail, with our app't for finger printing for the I171's! Finally, another answered prayer!

This week we are hoping to hear if Marcus got out little package?

Look at what B4 did while I took at nap!

Have a terrific Week and maybe we will have to blog some fun informations soon!


Carey said...

Great pictures! So cool about your appt in the mail!! Be sure to let us know!!

Greta said...

What IS that? I'm so curious . . . I can't figure it out!

I read every word of the thing you posted about Liberia - very enlightening and interesting. Hard to imagine that lifestyle when we have so many creature comforts - what a contrast.