Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Mail Man Made My Day!!

I sent off our I600A's off on July 21, 2008!
I have sent, resent and resent!
Made a few phone calls made last week, and emails,
( our SW said sometimes that does not work!?!)
but today it came hand delivered,
(I had pictures too, that is why he came to the door!)
We have an appointment for our finger prints in Sioux Falls!!
It seems to me DH and I have a date at 9:00am!
Praise the Lord! We just jumped over another huge hurdle! Man it was quite a jump, and took several tries, but God is good and we thank Him for another step!!!!
I ordered a CD from Insight for Living, Chuck spoke about Esther, DH listened to it yesterday, and we plan on listening to it together! DH said it was just amazing how God is talking and showing us the direction He wants us to go!
I have heard a lot on the politics lately, yeah a lot of rude comments, and jokes. These Politician's serve the same God. Sunday, I heard a joke about one of the candidates, it hurts when family members, blurp out remarks without realizing what they said was rude! Ooh, our family is going to have to make some vocabulary changes, soon!
Thanks for checking in, and continue to pray for us on this journey!!
WE are all getting way to antsy to get our little guy home!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! We'll keep praying things move quickly!