Monday, September 15, 2008

Fall Weather

Isn't this time of year just beautiful! I love the colors of fall, the fields are all changing color, it is cooler in the evenings, you can even have the windows open at night. That is only if the breeze is from the right way.

Tonight we have a JV football game, of course B1 is still on crutches. 2 weeks and 5 days and counting until he is done with them. Oh, he would just love to put that jersey and pads on and jump right in. He just has to wait! That has become a very used word in our house.

Tomorrow, B2 has his 7th grade football game! Oh, I can't wait!! 1st football game with the whole school thing and it is against friends from church. It should be very exciting!! I am sure he will be all wound up tonight and especially in the morning.

As you can tell, we got our school pictures back! It is so great to see how much they have changed over the year!

Far as the adoption: we are inching, forward! This week, we are just praying for the adoption agency to registered!

We had a wonderful Sunday, Church was awesome, with our Pastor back, we are so thankful for Pastor Mark and his sermons!

The guys were very disappointed the Chicago Bears lost. :(

We received a couple pictures of Marcus, B4 studies them, looking at his eyes, "oh, mom he looks sad," "oh, look at his dirty face, what did he eat?" "mom, why is he brown?". We had a great conversation, between a mom and a 5 year old, about how God makes everyone different, different countries. Last week I bought the book, Shaoey and Dot, by Steven Curtis & Mary Beth Chapman. We have read that quite a bit!

God is good, and we praise Him for his goodness, His love and most of all Jesus Christ!

Have a terrific Week!

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