Monday, August 4, 2008


I figured it out! I put some of my favorite songs on our blog!

The first song has really been such a powerful song to me this past year! The comfort zone verse really brings tears to my eyes when I think of how our families reacted when we told them we were on this journey! All the: "you have 4 healthy children already" "Why" and know we hear, "oh, your still going through with this"? It breaks my heart to think that family wouldn't want to bring some joy into some little life that does not have the "stuff" we have. The stuff isn't the materialistic stuff, it is the stuff we get on Sundays at church, Sunday school, holidays with all the great meanings behind them, the Bible, the love we can give everyday and night, the unconditional hugs, the encouraging words, grandparents that will love them, Aunts and Uncles, Friends, Cousins! Most of all....Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father! We can do that along with siblings that will be there through thick and thin! Yeah, we are adding color to our family. But God does not intend for us to look at us as what color we are! He looks directly into our souls! We are so excited to think that this little guy over on the African side of the world will possibly be joining our family. Not sure when, but God is control and we put our trust in Him! Little M, has more Dr.'s appointments today.
Thanks for all those who have prayed and asked about M in church! Means
a lot to us!

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