Saturday, August 2, 2008

Answered Prayers

When your child is sick, you find yourself checking on them often, making sure they have enough sprite, Tylenol and to take their meds at the correct time. Often your getting a cool cloth for the forehead and if they fit on your lap, a good ole' rocking in the lazy boy!

Well for little M it is not that easy when your half way across the world! Wow do we take it for granted to call the Medical Clinic, insist we need our child to be seen asap and hopefully get in the car and go. If it is late or off hours we take them into the walk in clinic or the ER. Over in Liberia, they are much more, ok way more laid back. Over in Liberia you go to the clinic, you don't call, you wait in line. Can you imagine the crying, mad mother's waiting! Yesterday, M went to the Dr with this wonderful Man who is aiding in our adoption. M needs to be given exclusive treatment for his malaria. They did manage to get place to place to do some part of the physical needed for his referral.
This man is amazing who is working with us, he will be checking in at the orphanage the next few days on M, making sure he takes the right dosages and getting better. God has angels all over!

This was all on my mind yesterday, Son #2 and I went to Sioux City for back to school shopping. (No tax weekend:) On our way home my DEARHusband called and said we received 4 pictures of M! What a great surprise, I was stunned how well he looked from having malaria. A picture of a van with bags of rice-the little kids where dancing around. 2 great pictures of our (hopefully & prayerfully) our little man. And a group shot of the man working with us and some of the children.
Thanks for all your prayers! Please continue to pray for the children around the world! There is famine in Ethiopia & floods in Liberia. Here at home we have gorgeous crops, we have so much to be thankful for!

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