Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bug Bites

Yesterday our Little Princess woke up looking like this!

Slowly the swelling went down and by the end of the day she looked so much better.

We only had 2 ballgames at 5:30 & 6:30 after a quick dinner at CJ's, we all piled in the suburban and headed to Mark's sister for "N"s birthday. We do this every year and have fireworks. It amazes me how much fun all 31 of us have together! Of course when it is dark, all the kids have to play grey wolf. It reminds me of Hide and Seek.

Of course Princess came back crying thinking there might be a wolf some place. Imagine the oldest nephew who is about 21 hiding and 19 others looking for him was quite a site. DH's sisters and brother are trying to make plans for DH's 40th birthday next week.

On the adoption front, our Agency sent $ down to Liberia and now we wait and see......God's Timing.....waiting for the health department in Liberia. Starting to think about what it would be like taking this sweet little boy with us. Princess reminds me that she will share with M. To pray for her little brother.
I better get ready to get to the dentist, Son #1 has a check-up and Son#2 gets braces put on. Ballgame at 3:30 and than ballgame in RR at 5:30!
Have a super 4th of July!
Saying prayers for: Cousin Cheri who had hip replacement surgery yesterday
Aunt Paula is having a double mastectomy tomarrow

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