Thursday, June 26, 2008

Paper Work

I new there was a lot of paper work involved in adoption. I never knew it would involve looking addresses, finding your husband past ticket copies, getting papers notarized. Asking tons of questions to families who have already gone down this road of filling out the immigration papers.

Well some of you know we have been doing some praying for a brown eyed little boy in Liberia. He is going to be 2 (we think) in August. We have received a few pictures of him. It is so hard not to love this little guy without seeing, holding, playing ball and reading him stories. Teaching him that Jesus loves him as well as his birth mom, and (God willing) his family in America.

Our Agency has not done an adoption from Liberia, we will be the first. So this is new territory for them also. We are walking on this journey together. Our wonderful SW is getting to know us very well, (even when you get pulled over by this nice gentleman in a uniform), our busy days at baseball, and when all of us are trying to get the house put in order.

This week I am trying to get the I600A paper work together. Filling out the correct answers, finding the right address and what has to be sent in the envelope.

What joy fills my heart that we are all in God's Family. That even all those little ones in other countries that do not have the luxuries we have, we all have one thing in common. God's Love!! I am in awe of his Grace for us!

If you want to help orphans out in Liberia, check this out.

I don't know if "little M' is what God has for us, or which orphanage he is in, all I know is God has a plan for our Family, although I am a bit eager to find out when this will happen. I just know our family is praying for this little guy, and his family over in Liberia no matter what happens.

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Thanks so much for posting about our project!