Friday, April 11, 2008

Easter Sunday Boy!

Today is our oldest Son's 15th Birthday!
I remember 15 years ago sitting at a Easter Sunrise Service, feeling not so good. Having my dear Husband tell me, to quit feeling sorry for myself. Boy did he feel awful when we figured out I was in labor. It was a long day, long enough for my dearest friend in the world to make it to the delivery! Now 15 years later, he is as tall as me, has to brownest eyes, drives to school with his school permit, loves that baseball season is here! Tonight he is helping an Uncle move hogs out the building, and than we are going out for some big ole steaks with his cousins! It is so nice Mark's sister lives a little over a mile down the road. Son's other cousin's the same age help with the pigs. I think they have a good time, but the smell sticks with them for awhile.
No news on the adoption..with all the closed countries, it seems Ethiopia just has tons of interest. We are praying that God will "open" our eyes to go forward with Ethiopia, or wait for the right child to come available in Liberia, or go domestic! What a lot of choices. We know God has the child already "chosen" for us.
Have a terrific weekend, and May God Bless You all!

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