Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Learning and Yearning....

 It amazes me how much we all learn as we grow up!  Watching our oldest to the youngest....we all learn differently, some slower and some faster. We have been so blessed with health!

 Our family has kept busy all summer, baseball, softball, swimming, Mark went to  Indy 500 with Beau, Iowa Speedway at Newton, Iowa with all the big guys(except Brody), and a fun trip to Minneapolis with the 2 little ones.
VBS was in June,  Beau and I taught and Benjamin was a helper! Over 300 children from preschool - 8th Grade attended!

Vacation Bible School
Yup these 2 had fun singing!

Como Zoo in Minneapolis, MN
 I have been doing a lot of thinking over the summer. Watching the sponges of the kids here learn and achieve their hopes and dreams. Yet we still pray and think about this little boy in Liberia who just turned 7! We continue to pray and dream of the day we are united. Liberia still is waiting for a signature of President Sirleaf, so God willing we are anxious for that day to move ahead.

Beau graduated from college with a 2 year degree in business and he continues to live at home and works with the family business pouring the world full on concrete.

College Graduation Day

A new street= pouring 400 yards of cement.

Ben is going to be a SR this year. Hard to imagine he is on his last year of high school.  Mark & I after much prayer, decided it would be best if he transferred to another high school,  So he is going to attend the high school I attended!  We are excited for the new challenges he is going to have but so happy for him to be able to be himself and be with his friends and enjoy his last year of high school. Ben has been working with Mark also pouring cement.

Great Friends!

One of Benjamin's SR pictures!

Bradyn is going to be a sophomore, and had a great summer playing baseball!! We look forward to a fall ball league he is going to participate in! He is trying to get in as many hours as he can working also, saving money to purchase a car.

Stopped at the job site and Brody thought he could help Bradyn in the skid loader!

Fun with Brothers!

 Benjamin and Bradyn went with the church youth group to Oklahoma a couple weeks ago. The trip was quite the adventure!

  Brynn is entering 4th grade and quite the little lady. If anyone ever says boys and girls are the same are sadly mistaken. She is a super big sister when she wants to be!

10th Birthday Celebration

JuMpInG on the tramp!

 Brody is going to be 3 pretty soon. He is the light of our house! He still is the big deal, anyone who walks through the door the first question is, "Where is Brody!"  Brody is so excited to go to preschool for 3 year olds this fall.

Swimming with cousin Piper

Loving the new SandBox(tire)

Mark's Sunday School Class won a ride with Randy, checking out our place from the sky!

Brody loving his ride!

Backyard bonfire

Fresh Strawberry Pie

Amazing Movie/Documentary
Please take time to watch and pray for all the children STUCK!
Met some wonderful people who care for all those children who deserve a family!

Met Craig Juntunen!

It is the time of year where corn on the cob is the best in Iowa!!  Froze around 126 cups of fresh sweet corn!! YUMMY!

Over all we have had a super summer, not looking forward to getting kids in bed on time and up and out of the house! 

God Bless and keep learning and yearning for God's word! 


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