Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Perfect Tree

We didn't get a chance to cut down the tree this year, but we did manage to go and pick out the perfect tree to our Family!!!  Brody loves the tree, and all the ornaments! He continually pulls the decorations off and says, "oh, oh!" and the biggest smile. Than we hear, "baall"!  
I just love the idea's of all the wreaths!
Brynn all excited to pick out the tree!
I have been busy with our Sunday School Christmas Program!  I just love seeing the little ones get so excited to sing and praise God!  Today I need to paint some inns on large boxes!!  
Beau is finishing up his 1st Semester of college, and I am so thankful he is living at home!  To see Brody stand at the top of the steps and yell for Beau is priceless!  Brody really loves Benjamin, Benjamin can wear that little boy out with all the playing!!  Brody is not going to be one to sit back and be shy!  I am amazed at how much Brody understands.  He is famous for going into Brynn's girly stuff, and we will tell him to pick it up, and he usually does!  Beau and Benjamin are finally eating well after having their wisdom teeth removed!! Beau had 5, and Benjamin had 6!  Needless to say, Mark and I had a good laugh when they where still under the influence after surgery!!  It is horrible what it costs to go to the dentist, and an oral surgeon is even worse!
We had our first snow fall last week and Brynn is just loving walking around outside!  It is nice not to have so much snow, the moisture is needed here in Iowa!
Well I better get a moving and fold some more clothes!!

We are so excited to hear about Marcus' visitors coming up!!  Praying for safety for Joni and her Family as they enjoy Liberia and make their way back for the Holidays!
Enjoy the Holiday's and remember God's greatest Gift!

“You know the message God sent to the people of Israel, telling the good news of peace through Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all.” Acts 10:36,

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