Monday, April 18, 2011

Prom 2011

Prom was this weekend at our High School!!   It is so much fun seeing the young adults dressing up!! It was a rainy, cold, breezey night!!  I am thankful we only had to rent a tux, and buy a corsage! :)
Someone deleted the pictures I had on my card... :(   I got some developed quickly on Saturday I am so thankful I did that!
Beau, cousin Kassidy, Me and Mark!

Here are my Boys!

Cousins, Ella, Kass and Brynn at the school!

Beau and Mark

Beau and his date for the night, Lauren! She looks gorgeous as usual!

Lauren, Brody and Beau
Beau and Brody

Brynn was so excited to have a girl in a picture with her!
Benjamin, Lauren, Brynn. Brody with Beau and Bradyn

It is so fun to have Beau and Kassidy take pictures!

Brody getting spoiled by cousin Kassidy!

Beau and Kassidy
 Tomorrow, Lord sister Kari is going to be induced!! I am so excited to meet and see my new niece or nephew!
 Mark and I met with the Lawyer to start the finalization for Brody!!

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