Tuesday, March 1, 2011


As I am busy trying to prepare for Beau's graduation, I ran across these pictures of Beau and his class.  Saturday night, the BH Comets won their last game to qualify the team for State Basketball. It was an emotional evening, packed gym, playing a team who's team mate was in an accident and recovering in a hospital in Colorado.  Both teams playing....playing as a team who has a higher FAITH. Faith that God will provide strength and healing!  I know both school are public/community, and the shirts on the Woodbury team had FAITH on the back of their shirts, and our school is making braclets in honor of Sondra with FAITH!
Parade of posters..this year these young boy are now young men are going to state to play Basketball!

Here is a picture of Beau's class...So fun to see their dream come true!
Please pray for our Basketball Coaches wife Sondra, and the Family! As Bill is preparing for state basketball Sondra is still recovering from brain surgery in the hospital yet, while her oldest son will get to play his first state basketball game, while she is waiting to start radiation. http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/sondrafrancis

God Bless the Comets, that we can show our FAITH on the court and off!
Prayer is the glue that holds us all together!!

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