Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our Birthday Boys!

Benjamin's 15th Birthday!

Beau checking out his new little brother Benjamin, 15 years ago!
Benjamin and Bradyn

The cutest little boys!

Until this little boy came home!


February is a busy month of Birthday's!

Benjamin turned 15 on the 9th, and now Bradyn's birthday is Saturday!!
I am reminded daily of turning 13, and how he is going to be a teenager!
For Benjamin's birthday, he chose to go to Sioux Falls, and see a movie,
eat at Texas Roadhouse, and shopping for a pair of cowboy boots with
the money he has been saving and with birthday money, he was ready to pick out a pair!

Bradyn, has a list for his Bday, plus colored pictures he printed out on the computer!!
He has been telling me what I need to bake for "comet time", so he can celebrate with his class!

Brody has been up quite abit at night! Yawn! Last night was every 2 hours!! He hears us coming up to the crib, and he stops crying and starts smiling!! I know he is coming down with a cold, coughing, a bit of a runny nose and sneezing! Tomorrow night will be our last home study visit, and we can finalize in April!! It is exciting to see how much he has grown, and how God has blessed our Family!
 Well, time to rock a bye!!

Please continue to pray for Sondra, her 4 sons and husband!!
Praying for some family's who are over in ET, picking their precious daughter up!

Many Blessings to you all!

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