Wednesday, January 5, 2011

On the way to Florida!

Our Family took off to Florida December 20, after school! A long drive from Northwest Iowa to Anna Maria Island! Mark's parents have graciously started this tradition 15 or so years ago! This year we managed to get the houses we rent during the week of Christmas so the college girls can make it! There where a total of 39! What a lot of fun!
We were only missing one boyfriend who was finishing up his job, and was unable to make it because of the last Texans football game! God really has blessed us! We went to church and visitors had to stand up and we had 2 rows! The congregation clapped, it was great to worship, even though we where so far from home!
We stopped south of St. Louis, and found a bit a fun during the middle of the night!

Beau rode with Grandpa & Grandma, and helped drive. So our suburban was a bit less cramped!

Benjamin was all smiles here!

I made the kids take pictures before we left Validosta, Georgia!

We knew we were close when we seen the Sunshine Bridge!

Brody got tons of love, and attention! I really feel, those who questioning our adoption, are falling in love with a little boy, who we call our little Brody!
The 4 oldest Grandsons!
I will post some more, later!

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Carey said...

Isn't it funny how those sweet, wonderful kids leave no questions when they are finally home and those that questioned now could not imagine life without them? God is good. Great pictures!