Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Staying in South Haven, MS

It has been a crazy week. I would love to post more but we are just hanging out with Brody Josiah. I will post more later, just asking for prayers for the birth father to relinquish his rights, as we are approaching the adoption of Brody as a "Foster" Baby until the legal paper work is done!
We are going to enjoy South Haven/Memphis as we dink around, shop(hopefully) and maybe we will get lucky and see Elvis in the mall!
Brody is a healthy beautiful baby boy! We are so excited to share pictures, and information on the arrival of our beautiful "foster" boy! :)
Pray for the interstate papers to move quickly so we can get home to the kids, Mark to work, and My Dad to my Mom!
Thanks so much for the prayers!! God is good!
Pray for Ms. R as she is missing her little one, and knows in her heart we will love him and raise him as our own!
God Bless!


Carey said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Prayers are with you for all the legal work, and for Ms. R. What a beautiful sacrifice. Praying!

Jim, DeAnn, Daniel, and Benjamin said...

Praying for a "timely" arrival home, we are sure the rest of the kids can't wait to see Brody. Also, praying for Ms. R. Safe travels to you!!