Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Beau's last Show Choir Performance

Beau had his last Show Choir Contest yesterday in Nebraska! We really enjoy riding to the hilly part of Nebraska, and staying over night and getting up to go cheer on the Show Choir! It has been a tough year for the kids. After the past how many years of receiving all 1's and 1st place, this year was hard to get all the practices in with all the snow days, and going up a class.
Yesterday we got 2nd place! WooHOO the Choir Director has dedicated countless hours, and with the Musical last week, this poor man has to be dragging!
I have to admit, we have beautiful young people in our traveling show choir!! Great kids, responsible, dedicated young people!!
Beau has awesome friends that hang out here at the house. These guys have no younger siblings, but Brynn considers them her buddy's! We had a chance to get some pictures yesterday! (she skipped school! :) ooops)!




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