Monday, February 8, 2010

Birthday Boy Benjamin!

I can hardly believe Benjamin will be 14 tomorrow! Our feisty, flirty, fun loving boy is going to be able to get a drivers permit! Yesterday we had Mark's family come for dinner after church! The house was a buzzing with 31 people/children running all over. I made pork loin, baked beans, cheesy potatoes, bought some tea rolls and birthday cake! It was wonderful to have salads brought in, and some bars for snooping! I need to bake a birthday cake today! We will go out for supper with Grandpa Kenny & Grandma Linda and see which of my sisters and their family's can attend! Benjamin was a big boy, no wonder I was so miserable! He weighed 9 lbs, 3 oz!
He was so bruised when he entered the world! I did not put a new born picture of Benjamin, once his bruising went away, he was just a chubby, blue eyed, boy!
Here is Benjamin and Beau are with my Grandparents.
Grpa & Grma we so happy we gave Benjamin a good Biblical name!

Benjamin & Beau

Benjamin holding Bradyn

My 3 Sons

Benjamin and Friends from Church

With all this snow, I have learned that boys are so different than girls! Whew, snow days Ms. Brynn makes a list of activities to do! Learning to spell words is so much fun to see her sounds out words! Needless to say, she writes everything down! The boys never made a list!
Here is Brynn having fun after a cheerleading clinic! (She has the pep club shirt on!
Brynn loves it when her brothers have friends over. Brynn has 3 new brother, with Beau's buddies, Dallas, Gabe and Justin come over, she just loves to make things for them, and of course she needs to tell them good night also! Mark and I were talking about Beau and college, oh she got upset and said, "please stop talking about that, it makes me so sad!" Oh she loves her brothers!
Beau performing with his Show Choir!

Our back yard is filling up with snow!! The snow is level to our pool! Oh the days of warm! The Farmers Almanac predicts 40 additional inches of snow this month! Today the wind is suppose to whip up! So far, it is gorgeous outside, sun shining, at clean white snow, but cold!

Rumor has it, Liberia is/might be processing some adoptions. Of course, the man now working on our case is still looking for the man who was on our case. (Please pray that his gets done asap!)It is hard not to let your mind wander! Than you read a devotional and are reassured this is in God's hands! Yes, I am scared that the fear of unknown, what if we are not able to continue with this brown eyed little boy we have accepted as our son for the past 20 months? It is so hard not to keep a chin up and keep positive, but we need to be open minded also.
"'Come,' he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water, and came toward Jesus." Matthew 14:29
We have faith that God will continue to walk with us no matter the out come. I just wish we had answers. It seems we pray the same thing over and over again. You see such miraculous stories of the precious children of Haiti being united with their forever families. God has been so faithful to these children/family's. God has been faithful to us also. To see the joy and read how God worked miracles for so many wonderful christian family's, to be sitting in the embassy in Haiti, sleeping on mats, talking to officials who tell you what you want to hear, than finally being on American soil, and being in your home with the entire family! Brings tears my eyes, and know God is here and in Liberia! M's needs are being met, right now! Which is an answered prayer! We will just continue to keep praying for God's peace, patience and protection for little M in Liberia! Wow, God is good, we can see that in the newest pictures, and having Joni part of M's life!
If you get a chance, read this blog, this lady's faith, has challenged me, and encouraged my faith! God Bless this Family and the little boy who is home from Haiti! Don't know this family, but what a wonderful reminder, of God's love for all of us, and how prayers are answered!
Have a wonderful week!

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Carey said...

Happy Birthday, Benjamin!! Interesting how all his friends from church are girls. =) Praying for good news for you soon!! It's hard to believe you've been lovin' on and waiting for your little guy for so so long. Praying!!