Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Very Special Vistor!

I can not believe Christmas is in 2 weeks! The weather... today was freezing!! The sun was shining, but the wind chill was below zero!!

I am amazed at time goes a bit faster every year!

I have most of the Christmas decorations up! This is above our front door! We have all the stockings up, including one for Marcus!

Who stopped over tonight?

Brynn has been telling us lately, "there is a real Santa!" and pretty insistent on Santa is real!

Tonight I figured it out! She is talking about our Santa!

Santa's Helper, Bradyn, Brynn and Santa

Brynn and Santa!!
We praise God that Santa was able to come and visit us!
Mrs. Claus is was at home! Santa and Mrs. Claus are miracles. God spared their life this year after a horrible motorcycle accident! To see the joy that Santa brings to our children's faces! Thanks Santa! We love you!!
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Cheryl Lange said...

That's awesome!! Thanks for sharing