Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Blake Marcus!

Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to Blake Marcus,
Happy Birthday to YOU!


Last year we thought you we would celebrate together!
Yet, God had other plans!
You get to spend it with your other Family!
They are very lucky and we thank God for them everyday!
For they are part of the plan God had all along!


A very special lady,
brought you some party supplies!
Pin the Tail on the donkey, some blow streamers,
smartie candies, LOTS of balloons, punch balloons,
coloring books, brand new crayons,
a special birthday card just for You!
We pray God will Bless You today and always!
Thank You God for this wonderful Woman who has blessed
us with such a gift, to visit this special little boy!



Another goodie bag/9x13 rubber maid container should be coming your way! A special Liberian Lady who is from Sioux Falls, who has a sister in Liberia, will be delivering you some vitamins, new underwear, :) a family reunion t-shirt, shorts, another shirt, a couple books about Jesus' love for You, a family album with our pictures of our home, church, corn fields, soybean fields, playground, swimming pool, Bruno, Myah, baseball and a Family waiting to love You in person!

Our hearts are heavy not knowing when Liberia will reopen! We know God has you in his hands, and has brought wonderful people into our lives to be able to bring you goodies! Tomorrow is your 3rd Birthday, and we send our love and prayers!

That next year, God willing we will celebrate like we have never done before!

We love You Blake Marcus!!!

Love you Lots,

Mom, Dad, Your Big Brothers and a Sister
who is praying for the day you come home!


VanVoorsts said...

Sweet boy. My heart aches for Marcus and your family. We're on our knees.

ManyBlessings said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy. Praying this is your last one without your family.

((HUGS)) to mom, dad, and your family too....

Carey said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Blake Marcus! How did you get so big already? Praying you'll be with your U.S. family soon.