Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Soap Box Racing & Parade

It was a crazy Saturday! Not only was it Mark's birthday, it was Summer fest in
our metropolis! The boy's decided they wanted to take out the Soap Box Cars
and try they're luck! Benjamin decided to let his cousin Kade, give it a try in
his car. Bradyn used Beau's car. It started early in the morning, and I had tons
to do since, it is catch up from baseball. We had not had a Saturday off in it
seems for 2 months, so I had Mark take the boys, and Brynn and I did laundry,
mowed, and made a carrot cake for Mark's birthday. Brynn and I got a phone
call to come to town with the camera since Bradyn was winning! To our surprise,
Bradyn took 1st!! When Beau drove the car, he neverfinished 1st!
Bradyn was so excited. Kade took 4th place which was fun for him too!
Here are some pictures of the day!
Bradyn coming down the hill!
Soap Box Racing

Way to go Bradyn!!
Bradyn, Benjamin & Kade

Bradyn's car!

The Cement Pump

Beau's car in the parade.

Brynn and her cousin Ella!

Have a blessed week!
*Try to do something for someone who is need of a hug, smile or a card!
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Anonymous said...


I just wanted to drop you a little note. I read your blog daily in hopes of hearing the great news that you get to go get your son Marcus. I have enjoyed your updates. I keep praying for you and your family. I can't think of a better family for Marcus to have. After all having wonderful grandparents/parents like Kenny & Linda how could anyone be more blessed. I was very blessed that they were the first people that I got to know in Sx Cntr. I sure miss them being our neighbors.

Take Care, Continued Prayers, and God Bless you are your family.

Michele Hofman

Carey said...

LOVE the picture of Brynn!! She looks so excited.

Liberia Adoption said...

Now that just looks too fun!