Wednesday, July 29, 2009

If you feel the urge, just call!

Today is the day to call your representatives!! I know this does not affect many of you readers! If you feel like it, please do it!

These are the Iowa Contacts!

Representative Steve King: 712.224.4692
Ask to speack to the legislative Director of Chief or Chief of Staff.
"I am requesting Representative King to co-sponsor the Families for Orphans Act- HR 3070 and the FACE Act- HR 3110."

Ask to speak to the Legislative Director or Chief of Staff.

"I am requesting that Senator Grassley (202) 224-3744 or Senator Harkin ( 202) 224-3254 co-sponsor the Families for Orphans Act- S 1458, and the FACE Act - S 1359"
The offices will ask your name, which is not a big deal when it comes to helping us families out!

This is what the Acts mean: Anyone who has adopted internationally will tell you what a nightmare it is navigate immigration to make sure your adopted child is a US citizen and has proof of this. This act would mean adopted children become citizens after their adoption is complete in a foreign country and are determined to be orphans by the US government. (Right now adopted children do not become citizens until they arrive in the US if their parent saw them before they were adopted. If their parent did not see them until after the court process was complete, the child has to be readopted in the US, and then the parent has to apply for an expensive Certificate of Citizenship and go for an interview with immigration.)

This will affect us with the re-adopting of Marcus when/if the time comes. It is amazing how much this costs us families.

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