Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Internet Searching...

Today Mark and I have been looking for some information on what to pack, (when we go) although we do have a lot of the stuff ready to go, and we found this good looking boy on a web page, (the little boy in the green shirt with a man holding him)!

Yep that would be (God willing) our little boy, Marcus with Trokon! :)

If you have time, please read No One Was Lost! Amazing true story of God's grace and love.

As we waiting we are praying for God's will to be done. Searching scripture, trying to get clarity
on this journey we are on.

Meeting other families who are also embarking on this journey. This wonderful gal, Sonya is waiting to bring a son home from Liberia. Check her blog, it is on the side or here:

I am so excited to see their remodeled laundry room! I do realize I need to figure this out! :)

Court is happening for couples in our area in Ethiopia, please pray for them.
(by the way P, brownies are in the oven!)

A couple traveling south to meet their baby! God Bless You!

Those who are thinking about adoption!

God Bless You All, thank you for your prayers!

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