Friday, January 9, 2009


Good Snowy Evening!
Today has been a day of checking the emails to see if we should book our airline tickets. I scrambled to get the appropriate paper work in a file, more paper work to write up, I 874, I600, find our tax paper from the last 3 years, I171 approval, I600A approval, and probably more that I am not thinking of. I am ready to get Marcus home to be able to spend time playing with the kids and not trying to read and figure out all the tricky questions!
I hope I got the soup supper pretty much ready to give to a good friend to put it all together for the music booster soup supper coming up! Thanks J!! I just hope and pray it all works out!
So I have been sitting in this chair for most of the day! Ugh!
Finally the email came back around 5:00, that Trokon's car has some problems, so he didn't get some stuff done, and we need to get one big thing done, but we can book our airline tickets for Tuesday. Now do you go and maybe he will get the signature he needs done before Wednesday, but if the car is not working, how do you managed to get to the orphanage to get that paper work done? We need to know that the paper work is finished and the Liberian government just needs us to finish. I know this is all in God's timing. We decided if we go this Tuesday we could swing it taking Beau along. Now we most likely will push it back 1 week, and it would be too close for Beau to be gone from show choir with contests in the next coming week. I feel so bad for Beau. He desperately wants to go along, but we can not do it to his Show Choir! Beau is ready to sit 20 plus hours of detention to be able to go with us to Liberia! We will leave it in God's hands and see what He has in store for us.
Last night I went to Katelyn's Fund support group! What a blessing to be able to spend time with a wonderful bunch of Parents who want to be able to make a difference in children's lives. A Dr, and an adoptive Mom who is an RN talked about medical issues. Very helpful! At the end of the meeting, Sheila and others had a word of prayer for Marcus and our family, as we begin to prepare to travel to Liberia! God is so good!
Here are some fun pictures from our vacation!

Brynn and Piglet

Bradyn a bit nervous for Splash Mountain!

Had a bit of fun, picking face painting with the kids! Who says a parent can't be a kid at Magic Kingdom!!

Cinderella's Castle at sun down!

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Carey said...

Hang in there, girl! The wait and timing can be SOOOO frustrating, but God's already got it all figured out. Praying that Beau can go too! What an experience for him that would be. And what an amazing kid that he's willing to suffer through all that detention. Doesn't seem fair, but life often goes that way I guess.

Cute pictures!!

team gesink said...

It made our day seeing that you got word for to go!! We are so excited for you all, we pray God may give you a clear answer about Beau and all the questions that you have! We are praying for smooth travel and that you can enjoy finally a hug from your little guy! God is so good. We would love to send a care packet along with you could you email us and let us know what would be good to send along with you!
Take care, Tim and Kristi