Monday, November 17, 2008


This week we are going to get our VISA paperwork sent to the Liberian Embassy in Washington, DC. You would think this would be the easy part, but when you need to know
when you are traveling it is a bit difficult! Of course our printer is printing black ink and than all of a sudden you get a red ink. So I need to run to town to print stuff!

This is what you need to get a tourist visa,

Tourist Visa
Submit your U.S. Passport, must have at least 6 months remaining
1 Visa
Application Forms, fully completed and signed
Passport-type photograph required
Cover Page and Credit Card Authorization forms
International Certificate of Vaccination for Yellow Fever

Copy of round trip airline tickets or itinerary, or letter of confirmation from travel agent
Letter from physician confirming applicant is free of communicable diseases
Evidence of sufficient funds (Bank Visa Letter)
Additional Requirements for Minors aged 18 years or less
Copy of Birth Certificate
Notarized letter from both parents requesting the consulate issue a visa.
Copy of the minors vaccination records

Had a wonderful weekend. Madagascar 2 was pretty good. This week we are praying for some updated reports from Liberia!
This week a church from SCenter is going to Liberia to do some Mission work. Today we are finishing up a package for the 3 men to bring over. Not sure if they could go visit Marcus, but we are praying God will work in some way to get the package to Marcus! Not sure what Marcus is/was sick with. I guess he must be doing ok!

Prayer Requests:
Bridge of Hope Church traveling to Liberia!
Brent from church who is having treatments for Leukemia!
Joanne at church waiting for test to determine why her cancer numbers went up!
Blessing's to you All!

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Ryan, Heidi, Aniah,& Eden said...

We keep praying for your process to go quickly and smoothly! Did you see the newsletter?? Now we need to find homes for all those Liberian cuties!