Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ouch..... But Worth It!!

When you start your adoption process, the first big decision is, "yes" we are moving ahead, now what, well you find a agency that makes you feel part of their family, easy to work with, respectable, and most of all Christian Family values. We have been very blessed to have found our agency. I wanted to put a big plug for our agency! Tonight there is an informational meeting! Check it out if you have desire to find out about what is involved! After all it is National Adoption Month!

New Horizons Adoption Agency is a non denominational Christian adoption agency. Adoptive families are needed for domestic and international adoptions. An informational meeting will be held Thursday, November 6, 2008 at 6:30 p.m. at New Life Reformed Church, Sioux Center. Please RSVP to Heidi De Kruyf at 712-577-9505 or call for more information.

Yesterday we had 1/2 a day, due to teachers in service. DH took 1/2 the day off to make a trip to get those dreaded vaccines! DH ended up with 4 shots, plus his flu shot the day before, poor guy had 5 shots in 2 days! Yellow Fever, Typhoid, Meningitis and Mumps/Measles. B1 had 3, just like me, Yellow Fever, Typhoid and Meningitis. All of us all got the flu shot the day before. We just need to finish up our Hep AB and we should be done, beside getting a script for Malaria! I took my camera out and I thought those 2 were going to crawl in a hole, I did manage a couple pictures, for Marcus' life book! The worst part of the process was paying for all this! YIKES! Thank goodness B1's meningitis shot was free!
We have not had any updates since Monday. We are continually praying, for Marcus' and his "family", Trokon, Larmouth and the Ministry of Health! God is amazing, and we praise him for the steps taken in the last months. Yesterday I compared Marcus' pictures, he is growing and filling out! Praise the Lord! Answered prayers!
Tonight we are going to see Winter weather blow in! The last few weeks have been just awesome, the fall colors, all the harvest being taken in. Although I don't care for some of the smells. The other day DH and I saw 2 beautiful deer in the ditch by our house! I love living out in the country!
Have a great day, thanks for checking in!

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