Monday, October 13, 2008

Perfect B Day!

It turned out to be a perfect day to celebrate! :)

DH, ended up having the afternoon off, because of the rain! I don't remember the last time we spent a Monday together on my BDay! I knew Fireproof was showing at 12:40pm, so we managed to get B4 to the bus early and we made it in time!! In the mean time DH talked to the our Agency about some things! The good news is New Horizon's is all set and licenced in Liberia! WoooHOO! Now we wait for Trokon to get his licenced and be the connection down there for our agency!! Prayers answered! So we were so thankful God has worked each little step!! We did get an email, that Marcus did not get his stuff we sent! Now our prayer request is, that Trokon gets licenced in Liberia! And maybe a few pictures of M getting his stuff!

Fireproof, the movie theatre was full, for a 12:40 movie on a Monday, although it is a holiday, it was so great to see so many couples there! We recommend this movie no matter where you are at in your life! It is done, on Thursday in Sioux Falls, but it will be in SCenter this coming weekend!

After the movie we went to Red Lobster, but due to a power outage of some sort, we went to Joey's! We had awesome appetizers!! Than we grabbed a Dairy Queen cake!

DH just headed to church for Consistory Meeting, while we order some pizza, and eat ice cream cake! Perfect evening to sit and watch Dancing With the Stars!!

I just ordered a cool necklace!!
So I am going to put the check in the mail, and count it as a blessing to be able to spend the day with my DH and children!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kristi!!! Praying things move along quickly! Hope you had a great day with your hubby. Stacy

Johnson said...

Fireproof is a great movie! We loved it and recommended it to everyone we know.

Great necklace. I have a similar one that says HOPE, made by the same artist.

Good luck on your adoption. I'm praying all cases start moving forward, and that all the kiddos waiting over there can come home.