Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's gonna take a while!

Through out this whole process you just never know exactly what God has in mind for you.
It is just a year now when we sent our application off. It took some time to get all the paper work started, physicals done for all of us & the reference letters. Not to mention how many times we were finger printed for the Adam Walsh's, and now we wait for our I600's to give us a date on fingerprinting for immigration. All along we have said, a long process and a picture would be very difficult on our family. Some families in our area are still waiting with unanswered questions. Time...keeps a ticking!
On May 20 we got this picture of a little boy in Liberia, we have always prayed that God shows us, we asked for God to please write it somewhere, on something so we know that this is where God wants us to pursue.
We found out this little boy in Liberia, has a young mom, (she's been praying for him to go to America) we thought his name was Mickus. (Mickey Mantle is a huge hero to my Dad, did I mention a huge Yankee fan!) So we think "is this a sign from God"?
We decided to pursue Mickus' adoption. Find out Liberia is still redoing the Adoption regulations. Our SW has been amazing, trying to get medical, family information. Finally, we find out that Mickus has malaria and very sick. We than we get a few pictures, and are asked to help out with nutrients, supplements and such.
An Amazing thing we find out that Mickus is actually Marcus! If you know what DH name is, give you the shivers, this is what God has intended for our family!
Our SW starts her new job tomorrow, at a school. We are so thankful she has decided to keep walking with us on our journey. We have come to love her like a family member. So we thank God for her!
So today, I get a email forwarded from our SW, it is going to take some time. The adoption regulations are still working out details over there in Liberia. So as time ticks, I find myself with all the kids in school in the afternoon. We need to keep moving and pray that Marcus is filled with God's love and Godly family in the orphanage. Who encourage him, play, and hold him as we would. In my gut I think it will be next year before we get the go ahead to pick him up.

Grace has come from the Lord our God to preserve a remnant for us and give us a stake in His holy place. Even in our slavery, God has given us new life and light to our eyes!
Ezra 9:8
Tomorrow #1Son is having knee surgery. We pray that it will only need to be scoped and not any drilling in the bone for new growth.
Prayers for safety as 2 little ones from Ethiopia are coming home with their parents to meet a brother and sisters! We are so excited for the whole family!!! Praise God!

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