Friday, July 4, 2008

Process of our Little Man in Liberia

As I was checking on other blogs, a blogger that I met or actually found, is in the same boat as us! This couple has a little guy names James. I found the timeline she has set up and it is 2 days different than ours! K has traveled over to Liberia and has visited the orphanages, she is doing a fundraiser to help an orphanage do improvements!!
I am ready to get some t-shirts ordered for our family soon!
Our Family has to decide if we will keep "M"'s name or give him a "B" name like the rest of his siblings!! We have not let our hearts completely soak in this as so much can happen. I am feeling like this little guy is going to be part of our family and praying for God to keep him safe over there and bless his Mom.
Happy 4th!!

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