Thursday, April 24, 2008

Boys will Be Boys!

Children are a Blessing from
the Lord!
Today we had some thunder showers come through. The humidity reminds us all that summer is around the corner! This afternoon the rain came! Everything looks so nice green, trees are budding, birds are singing and the boys where running.. I knew something was up. Princess and I just got home from dance and there these 2 where having a great time.
I remember some time ago going to the farm at my cousin's and doing the same thing and my Aunt having a fit. I knew I had to find a hose and spray them off! Those 2 are very lucky we have a hot water spiket in the garage so they could have a warm water.
This weekend is a special weekend for Dear Husband and I! It has been 14 years ago he had his accident! It is a miracle that he has no signs of having the accident except his incision down his stomach. So we are planning to go out and have a diet coke, we both gave up soda 11 days ago!!
As we are on this journey of adoption we are so excited to say there are 2 other couples going to the same agency as us!
As I close I encourage you all to kiss your husband and tell him how much he means to you!
14 years ago I did the same, not knowing what the day would bring! I am so blessed to have him!

Have a great weekend!!

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