Friday, October 4, 2013


Fall has fallen upon us. It has been a beautiful, warms days, cool nights! 

 Went to Calico Skies a winery starting up on the South Dakota/Iowa boarder. It was so fun to go to a canvas painting class with friends! I don't think I have an artistic thumb, but I think my art teacher would be proud!

 The tractors and dust are flying in the air as Harvest is in full swing in Iowa!  Beautiful rows and rows of God's goodness are be taken out of the fields!

I hosted an Noonday Party last week to help defray some of the costs of updating(redoing) our home study. Liberia is still closed, but we are optimistic that God is working and Lord willing will open next year!  Marcus is doing as well as can be expected!  God has brought many wonderful people in our lives because of of the wait!
 Fun with cousins! We celebrated a birthday of my nephew and Brody and Jacoby are so much fun to watch, Piper would like to join, and soon will be able to keep up with these 3 year olds!

 We went to pumpkin land and Brody and Brynn had so much fun!
 Note to other parents: Mark and I bought this for Brody thinking he would have so much fun playing with/in it! It is not for 17 year olds to climb in. I should of never walked away from this situation, telling Ben, "this is not a good idea!"  Brody managed to push this down the steps and we now have a large hole in our sheet rock at the bottom of the steps!

 Bradyn is loving playing fall baseball in Spirit Lake! Our Sunday's are busy, from church to ball to church! Whew!
Brody loves his preschool teachers. 

Saying many prayers for our Pastor Mark who received a call to Michigan.  Praying selfishly for him and his family to stay, but know what a huge blessing he will be.

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