Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Prayers for Carmen...

Today I am taking time to write about this amazing young Mom!
I have known Carmen since she was a little girl. Her Grandparents lived behind us growing up,
and than our family moved into town and she lived down the street from us. Carmen was a friend to my sister Julie. During the summer those 2 spent a lot of time together.  Carmen is a busy young mom like the most of us, yet in March of 2008 God blessed her and Shane with a beautiful baby boy named Caleb. Caleb has had many surgeries, hospital stays, ambulance rides, and his brown eyes will melt your heart!!
You can follow his story on Caring Bridge,  Caleb!

Carmen has been busy going to college for nursing, and keeping up with 4 children. She has not been feeling well sometime and had tests done. Today she found out she has lymphomia. This is her last post on face book:
It's lymphoma. Going to have a port placed today or tomorrow morning and start chemo treatments tomorrow. They said this type of cancer was very curable. On Thursday I get to try on some wigs, I get one free wig through the hospital. Not exactly sure what the treatment schedule will be, most likely come to SF for chemo every 3 weeks for an all day treatment for a minimum of 6 treatments. I have faith that God's got this, one concern of mine is if Caleb gets a call for a kidney during all of this, but I'm certain God has His plan all mapped out!

Please pray for Carmen, Shane, children and all those who are there to support her!!

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