Monday, May 30, 2011

Beau's Graduation & Brynn's Class Birthday Party

Brynn's last day of school and we (she) decided...class birthday party! I always had one for the boys, and decided to do it the last day of school. Too bad the weather was rainy, so we ended up doing the movie and pizza party!
This was after the movie, Kung Fu Panda! Whew, 16 little girls make a lot of giggles and the need to use the restroom during the movie!

Here is my sweet little niece Piper!

Micheala, Beau and Courtney

Brody enjoyed licking the beaters of the mixer!

When going through the many pictures, I did not have many of Chris, our neighbor in town.  He was at our house a lot.  He is now all grown up and married!!

 My Mom made this tshirt quilt for Beau!! It is fantastic!!
I put a few pictures together!

My parents with Beau!

Beau and Brody

Here we are with our Beau all graduated!

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