Monday, March 29, 2010

Willy Wonka

Beau has been so busy lately, with the school Musical and Show Choir! This weekend the Musical was awesome! Beau was Mr. Bucket, and a Oompa! It was so much fun watching the high school kids have so much fun, laughing, and singing together.
A friend and I got to do all the make-up for the cast! I am so thankful for the local Avon and Mary Kay lady's who donated wonderful make up!
We had the cast party at our home Saturday after the musical! Mark started the grill at 10:00pm, and they had burgers, hot dogs, dips, chips and bars! What a great way to celebrate 2 awesome performances!
Today we are taking off to watch the last Show Choir of the year. The same gal and I are have been putting make up on the choir also! So we are delighted to have such great make-up to work with tomorrow!

Beau (Mr. Bucket) and Cast

Beau, (Oompa) Carter (Augustus) Alex (Oompa)

Whitley,(Mother of Violet) Alex, Lauren(Violet) and Beau!

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Grace Wheeler said...

Hi! You don't know me, but I found you in a round about way...anyways, you little man, "Little M" is precious and I pray Liberia opens up soon so you can get him home to you--where he belongs!

And Willy Wonka looks fun! That's my oldest boys favorite movie so I showed him your pics and he wants to come visit! lol! I think he thinks you OWN the chocolate factory :)