Thursday, February 25, 2010

For God so Loved the World!

I have been following a horrible, horrible situation of a little adopted Girl who died as a result of his book "To Train Up a Child," Michael Pearl mentions swatting a less-than-one-year-old baby! They use some kind of plumbing tubing and whip the child who has done wrong until the child is whimpering and exhausted! This little girl's name was Lydia, and is from Liberia. I ran across this blog last night, and was moved. I don't know this family, but with the Liberian ties, your heart breaks for all who are involved!

Not sure if they will pull up, you might just have to copy and paste!

Praying for this Family, who have other children who have been placed in Foster Care.

Yesterday we had dentist appointments for the 3 kids. Whew, told Benjamin's needs to see and Oral Surgeon, as well Beau should too, and Bradyn can make an appointment at the Ortho! Whoa....not what we all needed to hear!! It is amazing what braces can do for a person's smile and to the checking account! But a smile is worth a millions words!! Praying that the snow will melt to Mark can get to work and pour some cement!

In other news, it is fun to watch the Olympics! Tonight is figure skating, and women's hockey! Our High School teams plays an hour away, and Bradyn has a fever today, so we will be staying home and watching skating! Tomorrow is Bradyn's 12th Birthday! Praying he gets on top of it soon, he has 5 friends coming over! I better get a baking, and a DR's appointment.

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