Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Planning.......

It is a very exciting time at our home. A day I prayed for my little sister for years. The week of her wedding!! I am so thankful God has brought Jason into her life! All the planning, deciding, watching what I eat, finding the perfect shoes to match my dress, the shoes for the kids, and trying to remember what all to take and pack up for the weekend!

God has blessed Julie with a wonderful man who loves her!! I am so excited to watch their life together grow!

Last week Thursday night, I bought tickets to Micheal W Smith, thinking this would be a great birthday gift to me with my family! Of course, I didn't think that football would be a concern when I bought them how long ago. Beau had football practice, and Benjamin had too much homework! :( So, just the 4 of us went! The concert was fantastic!! Brynn was so excited, but by the time, Micheal was ready to sing, Brynn's eyes were too heavy!

Today Brynn and I have to go pick her dress up! I am so excited to see her dress. The dress we ordered, the company closed, so we had 4 weeks to find 2 little girl dresses! The Bridal shoppe where we bought the flower girl dresses has seamstress who is well known, and has a business close to my sister! Joi could look at the picture of the dress and sew it!

I am so proud of Beau's Nighthawk team!! They won!!

We play Monday in Cedar Falls!! It is making our schedule a bit crazy with wedding rehearsal and football practice! :0 Off to play at the Dome!
What is the best, look at the picture...praying after the game, giving thanks to God!

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Duane and Karen said...

I am so envious - I have always wanted to see Michael W Smith in concert! He is so annointed, I love all his music.