Friday, October 9, 2009

What a Week!

Wednesday Night I went out to Girls Night Out in Sioux City with my sister for my Birthday! Although it isn't tell next week, :0 we started early!
Had a fantastic evening with Anita Renfroe and hundreds of women! It was not a good night to be eating healthy, but did my best!

If you ever get a chance to buy her book, DVD or hear her in person, it is so worth it! I laughed so hard it was hard not to cough!

Speaking of coughing! Last week I had a doozy of a cold, Brynn had ear infection and Benjamin has not been feeling himself lately. Kept him home yesterday, and he had chills all day, but no fever. During the night his fever came on, and by the afternoon, he did not sound good so I took him in to the Dr. The nurse took his temp, hokey petes it was 103! His test came back positive for influenza A. The Dr was thinking it possibly could be the H1N1, just to keep him hydrated, and on Advil or Tylenol and a perscription for tama flu!

Poor kid! His last football game is on Tuesday, he will be so upset if he can not play!

Tonight is a big football game. Our team is undefeated as well as the other team! The crazy deal is, it is the other High School in our town! :0

Tomorrow Bradyn plays in town, the forecast is for snow! Yikes, not sure if I will make it to that one either!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Please Pray for: Benjamin to get well soon!
: all the sickness around
: Liberia
: Our director who is or has left for Liberia/Uganda
: Those waiting for Referrals
: Harberts' who are in Ethiopia picking up their twins!
: those struggling with cancer!

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