Thursday, July 2, 2009

Knee High by 4th of July!

Check out how tall the corn is!!

This weekend we are going to celebrate with Mark's Family at Inspiration Hills. There will be 500+ cousins, aunts & uncles. Mark's Grandma was a twin and the twin sisters married brothers. The sisters each had 12 living children. Tons of laughter will be had!

If you have time, this is an awesome interview from the Liberian Star Radio with Angel Rutledge!

May God all Bless you this 4th of July!

Prayer Requests:

Our Service Men & Women
Waiting Families
Court Dates for the Feldkamps!
Angel Rutledge in Liberia
A family who's adopted son in Liberia, passed away from malaria!
Celebrating with a new parents who are traveling to meet their baby girl!
Congratulation's Tracy & Sandi!!
Safe holiday travel

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Carey said...

What a neat idea! I should do that with our kiddos. Especially the ones most recent to our family who are knew to Iowa! Happy 4th!