Saturday, June 6, 2009

Who's Side are You Leaning On?

Whew, what an awesome week! Our church was full of Praises all week!

God blessed our church with an awesome week of beautiful weather, and huge blessing's at Vacation Bible School! This year we had over 325 children, (ages 5-15) attending VBS. By the time you add up all the directors, music leaders, teachers, helpers, craft leaders, kitchen help, picnic help, nursery care takers, 1 Pastor and the Secretary, well over 500 bodies were running and raising God's name with praise! The music was fantastic! To see these little ones seeing, "Our God is a great big God", "I Lean", "Jesus Loves Me", "Day's of Elijah", and the favorite "Be Strong and Courageous!" We couldn't squeeze everyone in, so a huge tent was put up behind church for all the crafts, and part of the parsonage was used for classes. A family donated the use of their garage and basement for the nursery!
Everyday we start VBS at 9 am - 3 pm. It was a rush in the morning to get those sack lunches made!

The balloon send off had balloons way in Wisconsin! The balloons all took off the the southwest and ended up northeast of here!

Friday was a blast by all! Picnic, the fire department came and had water fights, horse carriage rides, and kettle corn for everybody! Than us teachers had time to clean up our rooms!

It was so much fun having Mark and I teach, Beau was a helper to the 1st graders, and Ben, Bradyn and Brynn all attended! In our minds we wonder if next year we will have someone home? We hardly can thing of it!!

Tonight we have Brynn's dance recital! So I better get going! Praying God's Blessing's on all who ready our babbleling!

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I'm so glad to see Carmel VBS still rocks! I remember way back when attending and having a blast!--Stacie