Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Daze...

Here are some fun pictures I have taken in the last week!
What does our Family do in the heat of Summer:
Baseball Games......

Of course what is a girl to do while your brother's play baseball.......

play with Girlfriends!

Go to a Indy Car Race at the Iowa Speedway.

This is what we seen at the gas pumps in Newton, Iowa. It was a good laugh at 7:30 am.

Marco Andretti is one of our family favorites! The kids where so lucky to get autographs from Marco!!

Brynn was so insistent on meeting Danica Patrick, but she lucked out and took a picture with Danica's Sister and Dad! Shawn Johnson was also at the race, so we also got a quick picture of her walking past!

Nothing new to report on Liberia! :(

Have a super day!

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