Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring Has Sprung!!

Spring is in the air!

Sunday was a chilly day, that didn't stop the older Cousins to get out the scooters and race...

Mind you these cousins are 20 - 10 years old and never stop making it a competition!
Although Grandma didn't handle the scooter too well, she fell off and now is sore and stiff!

Yesterday, I went shopping with my "sister" ( I do not like the "In Law" term) for a special young niece's graduation! We bought napkins, cups, plates and most importantly an outfit for the Mom!

Here is a picture of Roo! We love this girl and so proud of her! Before we had started our Family, Husband worked late with his brother, so I always ended up at my "sister" house with her 2 little ones. Now they are 20 and 18! All the nieces and nephews are special to us! These kids are part of our everyday life. Isn't that what Family is all about!
This young lady is playing volleyball up in Minneapolis this weekend, part of a competitive league! Good Luck!!
Last night we were invited to an ATLAS fundraiser. What a blessing ATLAS is to so many people! It is a wonderful outreach for our communities!
As far as our adoption process. No Adam Walsh's yet! Talked to our CHS Worker yesterday and she said if we continue with Ethiopia and as far as we are it would most likely take a year to get a little one home from there.
Next week New Horizon's has someone going to Liberia. We feel God is leading us that direction and Domestically. So we ask your prayers that we feel God's guidence!
Enjoy the Sunshine and Thanks for caring and checking up on us!
God Bless! <><

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