Monday, April 21, 2008

Crazy Weekend!

Hi Everyone!
We had a great weekend with some of the Family! First we had Prom 2008 at our High School, and of course Roo was looking like a true Princess! Roo and "Friend" had a great time!

Here is Our Boys and Princess with the Other Princess!

Saturday morning Husband, I and the 2 older boys headed to Minneapolis to watch Roo play volleyball at the Convention Center! We are so proud of this young lady, she may be the shortest girl on the team, but wow can she jump! There were teams from all over the United States! Roo is #16!
The 2 younger ones stayed with my Parents! Thanks for watching them Mom, Dad and Aunt J!
Last night we drove back with Roo's sister, brother and "Boyfriend"! That was one crazy ride!
Today Roo plays this afternoon!
Still no word on the Adam W thing. Tonight we start a Love & Logic class in RV. Should be very interesting! The other day I was listening to KNWC and the song from Facing the Giants was on, and the part of "stepping out of your comfort zone" really makes me think, of what God is doing to us! We are all suppose to reach out and step out of our comfort zone to make a difference. What about You?
Thanks for reading and God Bless You!

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